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Friday, July 08, 2016 - Midwest School will begin it's 2016-2017 school year in Casper, WY. K-8 grades will be learning at Westwood School. Grades 9-12 will be at the PIC/Roosevelt Campus.

At this time Preschool will not be available due to the laws against transporting preschool students on buses. Along with that, we are NAEYC accredited which means we have to meet specific criteria and regulations in order to house preschool in an alternate location. Preschool will resume as soon as we are back in our building in Midwest, WY. Please be sure that you register your preschooler so that when we do return to our building your student will have a preschool spot.

Busing information regarding our K-12 students will be communicated as soon as the busing schedule has been developed.

Stay positive and hopeful that we will return to our building as soon as it is safe for our students and staff.

Below is a link to Google Maps for Westwood School:
Westwood School Map

PIC/Roosevelt is located on Eagle Drive off of Wyo. Boulevard by the new CYJH.

JH & HS Football practice will be held at the old CY JH School. The old CYJH is located behind Smith's Grocery.
JH & HS Volleyball practice will be held at the new Roosevelt HS.

More information regarding practice times and busing will be communicated as soon as it is developed.

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